November happenings

As mentioned before, this kid got potty trained and it was easy peasy!  Thank goodness.

I voted.  I didn’t want to because I legit do not believe that my one vote counts for anything.  But I knew it would make my mom sad so I did it.

We took the kids to The Coach’s Show with Kalani Sitake one night.  The weren’t that impressed with the radio show.  But they loved sitting up in the President’s Box and then being able to go down to the field.  That weekend we went to the game.  We had the warmest November ever so it was actually so lovely.  We always take the kids to at least one game & this just happened to be the only game all season that didn’t start at 8 pm.  So it was the only option.  We were playing some no good school so it was a blow out in our favor.  But it was a fun game & we definitely enjoyed the Cougar Tails.

Kerri and I turkey trotted on Thanksgiving morning.  It was chilly!  We are such babes.

Luke ended up having surgery exactly 4 weeks after Sophie.  He had his adenoids removed & new ear tubes put in.  One had fallen out & with his first cold of the winter he got an ear infection.  No surprise there since he continued to get ear infections even when he had tubes in his ears.  His ENT said that his adenoids were pretty big & definitely infected so here’s hoping that this will solve all his ear problems for years to come.  He is the cutest in that little gown.  And he loves waking up from surgery because they are always shoving popsicles at him.

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