December days

December is always such a busy month.  But it is also so fun to celebrate Christmas in so many ways.  Here is a review of our December days.

Dan and I saw Jim Gaffigan one night.  We found out that our friends also had tickets so we met them for dinner downtown at Eva which we love!  And then we laughed our faces off at Jim Gaffigan.  He is hilarious and I physically hurt afterwards.  Do yourself a favor and watch all his specials on Netflix.

We have this sweet lady in our ward, Grandma Jessie, who is the most caring and lovely lady.  One day at church we gathered the kids around her and snapped a picture.  I love it so much.

Jack played a round of basketball.  There is no such thing as double dribbling, traveling, fouling or anything really so it is pretty comical to watch.  But he is getting better at rebounding and using the backboard to shoot.  He is so tall so we really need to hone this basketball skills!

We spent a Saturday morning at Grandma Pett’s.  We dipped a few chocolates and ate pizza for lunch.  Then we had a special visitor which the kids think is pretty fun.  My kids aren’t shy about Santa anymore and its fun to see them get excited to sit on his lap and talk to him.  Sophie asked for a new scooter and Luke wanted a Zurg toy.

Jack and I both had to have some cavities filled in December.  It was Jack’s first time.  He thought he would try out the laughing gas but after about 5 minutes he didn’t like how it was making him feel so he opted out.  I was really proud of him.  It was one of those times when you get a little glimpse as a parent into the kind of kid you have.  And Jack really is so brave in moments of pain.  He just takes it and acts like its not a big deal.  He had 3 cavities filled so his whole mouth was numb when we were done.  He ended up biting his lip quite a lot because he couldn’t feel it and had a fat lip for a few days afterwards.  Poor kid.

Sophie was pretty proud of her window art one night.  It’s funny how kids do the same things we did as a kid.  I remember breathing on car windows and writing messages and drawing pictures just like this.

We all loved the smell of our tree!  Luke had to get a few up close sniffs in.

Luke had a endoscopy mid-December.  He is a rockstar champion.  Even though visually his esophagus looked good, when the biopsy results came back it is actually doing worse than before.  It made me sad.  This disease is super complex and so hard to treat effectively.  I am just so thankful for Luke’s sweet personality.  He never complains, is so understanding and such a happy little man.  We’ll keep trying to get him to optimum health.

We also got to spend a morning at the school listening to the kids sing their Christmas songs.  And Sophie also had a short dance performance after her last class before Christmas break.  Such awesome, funny and cute kiddos.



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  1. Man it seems like December was so long ago. I’m glad you are still blogging, I have been debating. I really do like having an online document of our lives…but I’m so far behind. I love Jim Gaffigan, that would be so fun to see him live. Poor Lukie’s tummy, did you have to make more adjustments to his diet??

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