Crazy Kid

Well we officially have a 4 month old now.  How time flies!  We went to the doctor last Friday.  He was 14 lbs. 6 oz. (45 %), 25 1/2 in. (75 %), 43 1/2 cm. head (80 %).  So just about an average size guy.  Dr. Savage approved rice cereal and said that most babies 14-16 lbs will start sleeping through the night.  I wonder why I lack faith.  I really can’t imagine the day.  But here’s the thing, I’m not too disappointed in our current routine.  He sleeps 5+ hours for the first strectch, then 3+ hours the second stretch and then about 2+.  I feel rested when I wake up. And I only end up having a nap during the day if I sit down to read, which has always made me fall asleep, even on my most rested days.  Sooo…I’m not too sad about where we are.


We had a nice Super Bowl party this year with my siblings and old roomies.  It was a good time with good food.  I was the only person going for Pittsburgh.  I am not even sure why I was going for them except that for some reason I have an affinity for Ben Rothlesburger (I don’t know how to spell his name).  He’s not even 1 % attractive so I am not sure why I like him so much.  I think he’s nice, I guess.  So I was happy with the outcome…hahahaha.  In reality, I could have cared less.  But it was a good game.  This is how the baby ended the night.  Holding his own bottle.  He is some kind of child prodigy.  J/K.  But really, he has a bottle like 2 times a week max and look at him.  Funny boy.


The baby was somewhat fussy yesterday when I put him on the ground.  I think he is getting a little bored of just laying there.  I am trying to encourage him to roll over and get moving.  It hasn’t worked yet.  So I thought I would try the jumper again.  It is his 3rd time in it, but it was by far the most fun he has had.  He really just likes anything that let’s him have greater access to his hands.  Look how drooly, gross they are!


So we did it last night, we tried the cereal.  And let’s just say, he was starving and super confused about why something that tasted familiar was coming to him on something so weird.  And I could not get it in there fast enough.  It was making him so mad more than anything.  But let’s be honest, why does it say to mix 1 TBSP of cereal with like 4 TBSP of milk.  It was complete liquid.  Now I know the first time it should be pretty runny, but that was a joke!  So, we ended up putting it in the bottle.  And he guzzled away.  Which ended like this…


He fell fast asleep while eating, which almost never happens.  He looks so cute with his little hand on his head.  He had a not so good nap day yesterday which left him all tuckered out.  Sundays really throw off his schedule so Mondays are always a little off.  But he is such a sweet boy.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE those last couple pictures! I hear you on the Sunday thing, it drives me nuts. I’m glad that you’re getting the rest that you need. We’re still wondering when we can get Tommy sleeping through the night. He started to and then he got this blasted cold…but as soon as he’s better, I’m more than ready!

  2. Haha, he is so cute! I couldn’t be happier that we have matching cribs. I hope our little guys sleeps in his and that your little guy starts sleeping in yours real soon!

  3. Jack looks like Dan! He is definitely a child prodigy-holding his own bottle??? I am impressed! We haven’t tried rice cereal yet, but I remember it being really runny when we fed it to Lucas. How are you supposed to keep that on a spoon??? The bottle was a good idea!

    I’m glad you’re getting some pretty good sleep!

  4. Our little Jack doesn’t look so little in his big boy bouncy seat and high chair. He definitely has a grown up look to him. I still don’t see the Dan or Amy look–just a nice little combo I guess.

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