We surprised the kids with an overnight hotel stay downtown toward the end of Christmas break.  Kids love hotels.  They think its one of the best things ever to stay in a hotel even if that hotel is only 20 miles from our house.  So we went downtown, checked into our hotel and then we hopped on trax and went to see the windows at the Grand America hotel and the lights at Temple Square which are so beautiful.  When we got back to the hotel we went to the indoor pool.   The kids of course enjoyed it but there were so many kids in there that it was overwhelmingly too loud.  Dan and I had ringing ears for about an hour afterwards.  The next morning we hit up the free breakfast and then took the kids back to the pool.  We had it to ourselves in the morning which was so much better.  After we checked out we took the kids to Tucanos for lunch.  All you can eat meat is oh so delicious.  It really was the perfect little getaway.

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