January Days

We somehow survived January.  And it was a pretty snowy one this year.  One morning we woke up to a foot of snow!  It was the most in our neighborhood since we’ve been here.  In the dead of winter, we still were able to squeeze in a few fun activities.

Luke did this Mickey puzzle over and over again for days.  He did is so much he learned how to do it with the picture facing down so all you could see was white.  Maybe we were a little bored.

iPad Eyes.  January always equals a little more time than usual on electronic devices.

Luke learned how to climb out of his bed (my only kid to do that).  And he was giving us a hard time every night about spiders/snakes/bugs/anything really being in his bed.  One night around 6 pm he just started crying inconsolably about bedtime and how he was scared.  So we did it that night.  Big boy bed!  And he really hasn’t given us too much of a problem.  There was about a 3 week period where he was in our room every night.  That was terrible.  But we’ve overcome that and he is loving it.

Cousin Mario Kart battle.  Just imagine how long these races take when only to 2 oldest really know how to play!

Wolverine stopped by for a visit.

I died when Jack brought this paper home one day.  Geez Louise.  At least he’s being real.

Sophie was dying to make a snowman.  So I obliged.  It was great snowman making snow so it came together pretty easy.

We went with the Trujillos and Grandpa to a BYU basketball game.  We were on the back row which is a good place to be with kids because then they can roam free and pay attention as little or as much as they want.  And we always, always need lots of snacks!

You never know what the walk from your classroom to the car after school will bring.  One day Jack got covered in snow.  Who knows why he’s not wearing his coat!

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  1. I love Jack’s comment about printing money. Been there! Come out to visit again…it’s the best kind of education 🙂

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