March Wrap-up

Our best buddies came to town for a few days.  And we spent every minute that we could with them.  We went to the museums, had playdates with other friends from Draper, ate at good restaurants and talked and talked.  We got to meet sweet baby Ellie for the first time.  It was so good.  I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive Mark for taking Alicia to DC.  I miss her always.

When I went to volunteer at Sophie’s class one day, I saw this in the window.  She copied the sign we have in our house except she put school where ours says house.  She must have given it to her teacher who then put it in the window.  She is just about the sweetest girlie ever.

Jack and Sophie each played a round of indoor soccer during the month of March.  Jack moved to the big courts and it was a lot of fun to watch him.  Sophie enjoyed her first time and was even on the same team as her best friend Harvey.  I failed to take any action shots but at least we have a few pictures of them in their uniforms.

We had a girls day at Disney on Ice with Grandma and our cousins.  It was a nice treat.  Ice skating is already amazing.  But ice skating in Disney costumes is really something to behold.  I’m not sure how they do it!

Sophie came home from school on St. Patty’s day asked for a shoebox.  The next thing I know she had created a whole leprechaun house.  Complete with rug, blanket, measuring stick on the wall, TV (an old iPod) and movie collection.  She is amazing!


We had our annual St. Patrick’s Day get together with Dan’s HS friends.  The wives decided that they should take a photo all together.  And for whatever reason it ended up being on the stairs which made it sorta seem like a prom picture.  Anyway.  Its pretty fun that this group has been friends for 25+ years.  We sure laugh and have a great time when we are all together!

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