Birthday Boy!

We have a toddler folks!  Yesterday we celebrated Jack’s birthday with our families.  It was a great time.  He, of course, received more gifts than can be imagined.  I think we will be on the “every other year celebrating birthday” plan because Jack will need nothing new for at least 2 years.  Thanks to everybody for the gifts!  But mostly thanks for coming to party with us.  We loved having you!


Here is the Elmo cake I made.  Those who know me know that I do not have the patience to be crafty at all.  But for my first try, I think it turned out ok.


We spent as much time as we could outside yesterday ’cause it is Jack’s favorite thing to do and you see, it was the “warm before the storm” as they like to say here in Utah.  It was something like 87 degrees yesterday and today the forecasted high is 49 degrees.  Boo hoo…winter is here!


So there are a few of the birthday photos.  He was adorable to watch.  He is the sweetest baby and we love him.  Tomorrow we are off the doctor so I will follow-up soon with the “What Jack is up to at a year” post!

9 Replies to “Birthday Boy!”

  1. I love the cake! you did a great job.. and the picture of him opening the present with you behind him is priceless!!

  2. HAHAHAH…the one picture Kara said to absolutely not post, you posted. That killed me. Oh well…she never looks at this blog as far as I know. I love my Jack Jack! Happy Birthday! What a great party!

  3. Nice job with the cake Ame–It’s very cute and Jack loved it as we can see with the classic cake photos. Did he even eat any of the cake? I think he had more fun playing in it. I can’t believe he left that party hat on and didn’t pick at it. Wish we could have been there. Hugs and Kisses big birthday boy!

  4. What GREAT birthday pictures! I really really appreciated the invitation. I wish I could have been there. I love that kid.

  5. Happy B day Jack- what a cute big guy. the cake is awesom- i may need to steal the idea come april for Blake’s b-day- he is obsessed with ELMO. Glad you had a fun day and your little guy got spoiled!!

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