April Randoms

Here are some Jack shots.  We died the day he put on Luke’s size 3 hoodie and zipped it up.  It is obviously short and tight but he could still get it around himself.  Little skinny mini.  Sometimes after we have put Jack and Sophie to bed we hear them laughing and talking.  One night we stumbled upon them in Sophie’s bed together reading books.  They are best buds.  He sure is a fun kid.  I have loved volunteering in his class this year and eating lunch with him a handful of times.  He makes our life good!

Sophie has loved school.  And it is truly amazing to see how much she has grown.  I love reading all the work she brings home and the notes I find almost daily from her.  She is such a sweet lady.  This year she did an animal report on the Snowy Owl.  We then were able to go into her class one morning and learn from all her friends about their reports too.  She has loved being in Kindergarten with her two best buddies, Hannah and Peyton.

Wild Bubbies!  He is my side kick and I have loved this year with just me and him in the mornings.  He is so full of personality and fun and a little attitude.  He is trying to give up his nap these days which is always a long transition which leads to many naps in the car in the afternoon.  Sigh.

We have been loving our smoker.  One of the best things we have made is this salsa.  Doesn’t it look amazing!?  We were pretty proud!

I thought it was pretty awesome when I looked down during Conference to find Dan doing some the papers from the kids’ packets I had printed off!  We all need a little help focusing sometimes!  In his defense, this particular page was a little too hard for the kids to do on their own!

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