House Remodel

We finally bit the bullet and had the floor redone in our house.  It has been on our to-do list since we moved in.  So 3 years later, we finally made it happen.  Before they started the floor we repainted the office to a light grey.  We really love how it has brightened things up.  We also wanted to take out the archway from the kitchen to family room.  That demo was pretty fast and we are excited to finish it off someday soon.  The floor took a whole week to do.  It was a long week with our house in disarray but we survived by making lots of outings.  It reminded us that we never want to move again.  Just taking the few things out of the house that we did was too much for us!  We are loving it and are busy rug shopping now!  And also contemplating how we are going to redo the banister.




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