Women’s Conference

I was able to escape for 2 days and attend BYU Women’s Conference this year with Kerri, Kara, and Kara’s mom.  It was such a wonderful experience–one that every woman should have I think!  It is so uplifting and really reminds me of all the best parts of college–learning, going to classes and eating good BYU treats!  I loved it and hope to make it a semi-regular thing!

Kerri and I thought we were both so hungry on Thursday night that we ordered 24 inches of sandwich at Sensuous!  Hahaha…it is still funny to this day.  Well we only ate 12 inches and had plenty of leftovers to send home to James.

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  1. I need to come one year! Jake and I really wanted to do the Education week in August, but flights were crazy expensive during that time.

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