School’s Out!

We spent the last week of school super busy with fun activities.  Every year the school does a 5K race.  Unfortunately because of a late snowstorm, the morning Kindergarten kids were not able to participate.   Sophie was pretty disappointed when it got rescheduled and messed up her plans to win the race!  But we had fun cheering on Jack and his friends.  And who would have thought that one week later on the new date and time, it would be the hottest day of the year so far.  These poor kids were melting!

Sophie had a Kindergarten Graduation that we were able to go to.  She had the best year in Kindergarten.  She loved everyday and really excelled.  Her teacher, Mrs. Topham, only had the best things to say about our Sophie girl.  We are super proud of her!

Jack had a great year in 2nd grade.  His teacher, Miss Jones, was wonderful for Jack.  I was able to help in Jack’s class once a week and it was fun to see him in his environment.  Jack’s class performed plays during the last week of school.  He did awesome in his performance.  He is still a bit of the class clown and loves to make people laugh.  After a rocky start this year, he really turned it around and we found him in tears after we got home on the last day of school because he said he was going to miss his friends so much.  His best buds were Deacon, Riley and Thiago.  Sweet little buddy.

And just a few random shots from May.  Luke is obsessed with rolly pollies and collected hundreds this Spring.  He tried to create environments where they would survive like putting grass & dirt in the trunk of his tricycle one day.  But sadly, we always found them belly up the next day!

Sophie and Jack played another round of soccer.  They both had awesome seasons.  Jack had the best coach who really taught the kids about positions and spreading out on the field to look for a pass.  It was fun to watch!  Sophie scored the winning goal at the last second in the last game of the season.  We went crazy!

Sophie’s best friend is Harvey.  Harvey has probably been at our house 275 days of the year for the last 3 years.  We love him.  He is the sweetest boy and him and Sophie play so well together.  He is moving in a few weeks and our hearts are broken.  I don’t know if Sophie will know what to do without him!

A picture of the above mentioned May 18th snowstorm.

Sophie was working on her church words one day.  I was proud of her.  I absolutely love watching her spell.  Because Jack is super human, he never did this so its a first for me and I love it so much.


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  1. Exciting about soccer! I should try Kate in a season, however I think we are done doing it with Tommy 🙁 I can’t wait to hang out with all of you!

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