California Here We Come

We surprised the kids with a trip to California right after school got out.  I loaded the car up while Jack finished up his last day of school & when Dan finished work that day we got in the car to run some “errands” and hit the road.  The kids were so wrapped up in the movie that they didn’t even notice that we hadn’t stopped for over an hour.  Ha!  They were really excited when we told them about our journey.  Unfortunately we had a bad sickness in our house leading up to the trip & it continued through the first part of our vacation.  Sophie and Luke both had days with fevers & overall misery.  But we tried to make the most of it.  We spent 3 days at my parents house playing games, going to the park, eating smoked meat and watching the new Beauty & the Beast movie.  On Monday night we went down to LA for what the kids thought would be a couple days at the beach & staying in a hotel.  They were overjoyed.  But little did they know that we were surprising them with 3 days at Disneyland.  We walked all the way to the gate pretty much before we told them.  Luke and Sophie were so happy and excited.  Jack was mad that we weren’t going to the beach like we said.  It was pretty disappointing that he had attitude about it but not too surprising since he has never really liked surprises.  We had a good time at Disney.  We surprised my parents by announcing that Luke was going to a big brother come December and that I would be sitting out of all the big rides.  Sad!  But I had fun spending more time with Lukie riding the kid rides and eating treats while everyone else enjoyed the other rides.  It was pretty crowded most days because of HS graduation but we made the most of the early morning hours. Sophie conquered Indiana Jones for the first time and ended up loving it.  And both Jack and Sophie rode California Screamin’ which made Jack feel a little yucky just like his mom!  I love Disneyland so much.  And I think it is just about the funnest thing to share it with my kids.  After our 3 days at Disney, we spent a whole day at the beach where Jack really is in his element.  Such a fun trip to Southern California.  It is just about the best place!

We were pretty worn out by the end of our trip.  My dad fell asleep in church which happens almost every Sunday, but still.  And on our last night at my parent’s house, Luke fell asleep sitting up while eating dinner.  Amazing.

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  1. Oh boy, such great pictures. Rachel had a very similar reaction to our surprise of going to Sesame Place instead of going shopping. I told her she needs to roll with the punches, especially when they are good punches!

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