Fall festivities

I love fall.  It is my second favorite season.  Or maybe it is tied for first with Spring.  I love the colors, the cooler temperatures, the smells of cinnamon and apples, the pumpkin treats, and the need to snuggle in a blankie in the morning.  We have been trying to be super festive so that Jack can be introduced to all the fun Fall brings.  And let’s just say, this kid is a festive kid.  He has loved all of it!


First we had the annual cookie decorating day at Grandma Grossen’s.  The Grossen side of the family decorates cookies for all holidays.  I learned early on that I am very behind on my cookie decorating skills.  I don’t have them is mostly what I learned.  Good thing we can start Jack young so he can be a pro one day like his aunts and uncles.  Jack also loved all the treats Aunt Brooke was giving him and it showed… all the way down his chin.  Jack also got his second haircut from Aunt Brittany.  He looks like boy again!  J/K.


Next we went to a pumpkin patch.  Jack loved the tractor ride over to the patch and as soon as he spotted all the pumpkins, he could not stop saying “Ball, ball.”  It was like a dream come true for him.  A field full of balls.  He loved it.  Thank you to the Munks for inviting us to join their family tradition.  Too bad no one told me that my whole eye was covered with my bangs in the last picture.


Finally last night we went to the Scarecrow Festival.  It was the windiest time of our lives, seriously.  I kept looking around for a funnel cloud because surely we had to be in a tornado.  But Jack didn’t seem to mind.  He loved the toddler-sized bouncy house and going down the blow up slide with Daddy.  He even went through the junior haunted house.  I was terrified but Jack loved all the lights in the dark room.  And to top it all off, Dan shared his cotton candy with him and he kept saying “Mmm, mmm.”  We are excited because with Halloween right around the corner we know there are more exciting times ahead.


A final picture that just couldn’t be passed up.  What a funny, funny face.

5 Replies to “Fall festivities”

  1. Some of those faces remind me of Tommy! I love the big ol’ smile he has going down the slide with daddy.

  2. He’s definitely becoming a little boy! The scowl is classic! What a funny boy! Two more months Jack until we can come play.

  3. Oh fun times. It looks like he had a blast in that bounce house. He is so cute. I love Fall! Halloween is great. I can’t wait to see Jack in his costume.

  4. Candy and treats…it’s what Halloween is all about, who am I to deny someone the Halloween spirit?

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