Tibblefork Morning

One morning we decided to go up American Fork Canyon to Tibblefork Reservoir.   It recently underwent some renovations and we had heard that it was awesome now with a fun beach.  We were hoping to beat the heat by heading into the mountains.  Well its true what they said, it does have a fun beach.  But it was not any cooler than down in the valley.  And about 30 minutes after being there it became so windy that sand was blowing everywhere.  Us moms tried to be brave for the kids because they loved it despite the heat and the wind.  But after about an hour we were all covered in sand including the lunches we packed for ourselves!  So it was fun but kinda a bust because of the wind.  But we did get some great pictures because it is so beautiful there.

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  1. A beach in Utah?! Who knew. And what a great view with the mountains. That is so awesome. Too bad about the wind, but I think you definitely have to go back.

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