Cousin time

We had the best time ever with the Herways in town this summer.  They came for 2 weeks and it made my kids so happy.  I don’t think I saw Jack and Sophie ever while we were together.  They just played and played and played.  It made my heart so happy.  Not too long ago Jack said “Mom, you know what is sad?  That my best friend lives all the way across the country and I only get to see him about once a year.”  That is heartbreaking.  Luke developed a special bond with Rachel this trip.  And she was so kind to entertain his admiration.  We did many fun things.  But I think my kids favorite were the days we stayed at home and they got to explore together.

We spent a morning and afternoon in Park City riding the Alpine Slide and Coaster.  And of course we had to eat lunch at Baja Cantina.  It was super fun and a great way to get out of the heat.

We went to BYU and got some ice cream.  I found the perfect hat for Luke and he spent most of the next two weeks wearing it.  Super cute!  We then went to Grandma Pett’s and enjoyed a carnival and pizza dinner.  My kids really lucked out with 2 carnivals from Grandma this summer.

Lagoon!  It is a summer favorite of ours.  And my kids were so excited to share it with their cousins.  All of my pictures are with Luke since me and him hung out a lot while the older kids ventured off to do the bigger rides with those nice enough to take them.  It really is so fun there!

The rest of that first week we spent time at Grandma’s and played lots.  She even offered to have a whole cousins sleepover one night so that us adults could go on a date.  We loved going to an escape room and Bruges for dessert.  Such fun times…painting rocks, slip and sliding, snake hunting, shucking corn and being silly.

One morning we all got together to hike Timpanogos Cave.  I love it!  My kids did awesome.  They never complained and really enjoyed the cave tour.  It is pretty amazing that a cave exists just 10 miles from our house.

That same day we went to the gardens at Thanksgiving Point.  They are so beautiful always.  I love the picture of Luke imitating Joseph Smith.  What a funny boy!

We rode the tram to the top of Snowbird so that we could do some hiking.  I did properly dress my children’s feet for the rocky terrain.  But somehow we survived in flip flops and sandals.  I love that picture of Rachel and Luke.  Perfectly shows their bond from the 2 weeks together.

We went to Temple Square and enjoyed a tour of the Church Office Building from Jake’s aunt.

And just a few random shots from our week spent hanging out at Grandpa’s.  On the last night we stayed there until 11 pm.  The kids and some of the grown ups played a game of baseball in the backyard until the sun went down.  And if you ask my kids what one of their favorite things was from the Herways visit they will always mention that baseball game.  Oh summer!  It is the best.  We love this family and feel so happy any time we get to be together.

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  1. I love this post. Of course. But it really was so much fun. It makes me miss you all so much. It makes me happy that your kids enjoyed the baseball game. And that Jack’s best friend is Tommy. Good times!!!

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