August in Review

We met our baby on August 1st in the ultrasound.  We are grateful that everything looked healthy.  We are super excited to meet this babe around Christmas time this year!

Bees game with Dan’s work.  The kids thought it was such a good time.  And they always love the snacks!

Kerri and I took the kids on the Grotto hike up Payson Canyon one morning.  It was the place to be!  It was full of people.  Jack was the only one brave enough to get in the water.  It was freezing.  These kids are good hikers.  They really enjoy being out in nature.  It makes me wish we did it more often.  And since Payson is so close to Santaquin, we made a stop at the Red Barn for ice cream and apple slushes afterwards.  Mmmmm!

Jack and Sophie each played a round of “fall” soccer the month of August.  It was hot!  But they managed to survive.  They are both very good at soccer.  Jack moved to the big fields this year with bigger goals.  He had an awesome team and coach.  It was fun to see them trying to learn positions.  Sophie is the most aggressive little lady on the field!  Love it!

We took a trip down to Provo to tour the new MTC.  I have never really been in the old part of the MTC but the new part is so beautiful.  It was fun to be with all the missionaries.  Our church is awesome!

We really loved the eclipse on the 21st.  We only had one pair of glasses so we rotated them around between us.  It is crazy that with the sun about 91% covered in our area how bright it still was outside.  On the inside of our house it was definitely darker but outside it was really not too noticeable.  But the temperature sure dropped which was cool.  I loved the shadows that the trees made.

Shortly after school was back in, Luke and I went to Discovery Gateway with our besties, the Denisons.  It was almost completely empty which was awesome.  The boys could have spent forever building and racing their cars.  Such a fun place!

A couple of random shots.  The kids enjoying the porch swing and their books.  Sophie read a few chapter books this summer.  I am proud of how much her reading has progressed!  We made room changes.  Luke and Sophie now share the bunk beds and Jack is in his own room.  Luke is quite the artist for his age.  His Mickey Mouse chalk drawing was really amazing for a 3.75 year old!

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