Homer Alone

Dan here. Any Simpsons enthusiast will know that the title of this blog post is the same as one of the earlier episodes of The Simpsons. In Homer Alone, Homer finds himself alone with baby Maggie while his wife Marge goes and vacations in “Rancho Relaxo”. Marge returns home to find her family is a mess and Homer telling her over and over, “never leave again”.

That is what I compared my experience to, and to be honest, I live my life referencing Simpsons and Seinfeld episodes.

Amy left Jack and I at home last weekend to go to a friend’s wedding in Vegas. It all started early Saturday morning at 6:00 AM. Typically Jack, doesn’t get out of bed til 6:30 AM the earliest, but Ame seemed to think it was OK this time around to get him out earlier. She also coincidentally left, right when Jack fell into the car door and was crying. Thanks Ame. After Ame left and introducing Jack to a new addiction of Lucky Charms, Jack and I went to Provo for the ESPN College Gameday show. It was fun to be a part of the atmosphere of a show I used to watch so faithfully on Saturday mornings. It was a little cold but Jack didn’t seem to mind, even if his hands were freezing. His favorite part was playing in the piles of leaves in the grass.

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I would kick the leaves up in the air or kick them in his face and he loved it


After the show we came back home for nap time and then back down again for the game. Unfortunately we lost, and after running around all day as loyal BYU fans, I felt like I had put in more effort than my team did that Saturday.

Then came Sunday. Sunday can be perfectly summed up with the following story. I was standing outside in the hallway with Jack squirming in arms, 5 minutes before church had ended. At that moment someone walked by and said, “I can tell you’ve had it, you’re shirt is untucked, and you’re ready to go home”. Wonderful. How long had my shirt been untucked? Anyway, we survived, and made it home and lasted until Ame came home around 5:00 PM. But not without scattering toys everywhere and building a fort with blankets on the couch. The room was a mess.

Since Amy’s return,  we’ve seen our first snow fall of the year which makes Jack’s favorite activity- ‘side (outside) more difficult. Ame introduced him to the snow, again, and he seems to like it! That a boy.


6 Replies to “Homer Alone”

  1. oh dan, you and sam should get together and complain. HELLO…us “moms” do that EVERYday. HA! But Im so happy you took him out of the house!

  2. Getting Jack out of bed before 6:30am would be my fault…my bad. I didn’t know the rules, so I took him downstairs in hopes that you would be able sleep longer. Fail! The pics of him in the leaves are the cutest!

  3. I’ve been wanting to do a weekend getaway, so that Jake can have the experience and a greater appreciation 🙂 Good job Dan, way to tough it out! The boy and those darn cougs.

  4. Sounds like you had a fun boys weekend. I love the pictures of him in the leaves. He is so stinking cute. Love that boy!

  5. Great job Dano!—The blog writing and the
    daddy-sitting. Jack is just the cutest. Those pictures in the leaves are so cute. Jack really loved it you can tell. You’re a great dad!

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