Sophie is 7!

My sweet lady turned 7 this year.  She is so mature for her age that it seems that she could be much older.  She is my biggest helper around here.  She cares for Luke with whatever he needs…getting him breakfast in the morning, helping him pick out his clothes, reminding him to wash his hands, etc.  She also knows how to push his buttons but for the most part they are best friends.  She is creative.  Almost everyday she creates a new book on her own complete with illustrations and a story.  We go through a lot of paper around here!  She is super health conscience only allowing herself 2 pieces of candy a day, only drinking water, packing a fruit and a vegetable in her lunch.  She is very responsible too.  She always remembers to bring home her paperwork each day, has never forgotten her coat or lunch box at school, and somehow remembers every Wednesday afternoon to put her library book in her backpack for the next day.  I love her and appreciate her so much in our house.

This year we had a small family party for each of the kids.  Sophie’s birthday fell on a Sunday this year and Grandpa organized a family dinner that day so she got to be with cousins too that day.  She planned her own game and made it herself, Pin the Tail on the Pony.  On Monday night we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, her choice.  7 year old stats: 52.4 lbs (75%), 49.25 inches tall (90%).

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