Jack is 9!

I can’t even believe that I almost have a child in the double digits.  I still remember those slow, simple days when it was just me and him.  Life is cruel to go by so quickly.  Jack is still just as fun-loving as he was from the very beginning.  He is great at making other people laugh (although now it involves a few more potty words than it should).  He has matured  a lot in the last year.  He is starting to really enjoy watching football, basketball and baseball games with us.  He was super into the Dodgers this post season which was fun.  He is still the smartest kid around, moving through the multiplication tables with ease and understanding concepts that I barely remember.  He loves to wrestle and tackle Luke at all times.  He says they’re playing but it almost always leads to tears.  He is enjoying having his own room and usually spends the early mornings reading books in bed.  He still loves video games.  But most of all he loves playing with his friends.  On any given day we have up to 5 boys here which can be a tad crazy.  He loves to play outside, ride his bike or scooter and hike around wherever he can.

For Jack’s birthday he wanted to go to Tucanos (expensive taste with this one…last year was sushi!).  And then we came home for presents and apple pie.  He is a great kid.  He tries hard to do what is right and to be a good example for his friends.  I love my big kid!  9 year old stats: 68.2 lbs. (70%), 55 inches tall (90%).


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  1. He does have good taste! Apple pie for a birthday cake…great idea! And Tucanos, I haven’t been there in ages!

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