October Adventures

We ventured with some of our neighbor friends and Porter to see the witches at Gardner Village.  It was the perfect fall day.  The kids loved throwing the leaves.  And I was pretty confident that I would lose either Luke or Porter in the duck pond.  Why does it not have a small fence or rock wall?  Almost put me into labor.

Kerri and I took the kids to drive the Alpine Loop and it was unbelievable.  I have never seen the fall colors more beautiful.  The only thing that made it terrible was the complaining my kids did.  “When will this be over?  This is taking forever, etc.”  Next time I’m leaving them at home!

Sophie asked if she could rake the leaves one afternoon because there were “so many”!  It made me smile so much to see the teeny pile she collected.  But it didn’t stop her and Luke from having the best time jumping in them.  Cute buddies.

We went with our friends to the zoo one morning too.  It was so fun to see the lions enjoying their breakfast.  Luke insists now that he eat a meatball for lunch just like the lions.  We love our sweet friends in the neighborhood.  Olivia is in love with Luke and we are trying to convince Luke to stop playing hard to get!

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  1. The Alpine loop is stunning! I remember doing it in college. I don’t think I took a single picture then. We still haven’t had that many leaves fall at our house yet.

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