This is Halloween…Halloween…Halloween

Well I guess the saying is true…life is just more fun with kids.  Seriously.  What did we ever do on Halloween without Jack?  It had to be incredibly boring!  Just kidding…but we had to the best time watching him trick-or-treat as the Amazing Spiderman!   He was so cute and even attempted to say trick-or-treat, but mostly just got the voice inflection right while saying his gibberish.  He did, however, learn the word “moon” that night.  I’m convinced that he has never seen the moon since he is always in bed before it even is out so he was enthralled by it.  It was cute.  Thanks to the Munks for a fun, festive holiday.  We loved watching out little super heroes have fun on this spooky holiday!


We carved our pumpkins on Friday night.  Jack loved to gooey pumpkin innards.  Can you tell which pumpkin is mine and which is Dan’s?  I laughed when I saw them side by side.  Women like the jolly, cute pumpkins.  Men like spooky, boo-boo pumpkins.  I had fun roasting the seeds as well.


He was a good sport about the costume.  He hated the little mask and cried every time we tried to put it on, but he left the little skullcap on so it was ok.  We went out for about 30 minutes.  He loved reaching into the bowl of candy to get a piece and then putting the loot into his trick-or-treat bag.  Too bad he hasn’t got to enjoy much of his goods.  It has mostly been eaten by Daddy and Mommy!  Oopsies!  We are good parents…right?  Well…Happy Halloween everyone!  We hope you had a safe and fun holiday.

Oh wait…I had to include these cute photos even though they have nothing to do with Halloween.  Aren’t they cute?  I hope he loves the scriptures forever!


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  1. So so so cute! I especially love that I can see his froggy pj’s sticking out the bottom. And I love the squatting Spiderman pose. He looks like he’s about to jump from a tall building and then battle the Green Goblin.

  2. What a cute spidey! I’m glad you guys had a fun Halloween. I think it’s ok to eat Jack’s candy, they can’t tell the difference, might as well do it when you can. Plus, you have to make sure it’s safe to eat. Those are some good pumpkin carving skills…impressive!

  3. Oh so fun. His costume looks great! He is too cute. I love both of your jack-o-lanterns. You both are very talented at carving, mine looks like a little kid did it. Such fun times! Can’t wait to see you all again soon!

  4. Fun times for sure! You both are great parents. Jack’s going to be speaking in sentences by the time I see him next. Ha! Ha! He is such a smart kid. It must be all that BYU education in his genes. Future missionary for sure! Love you all!

  5. I don’t know a parent who doesn’t eat their kids candy. I too really love the squatting picture. A perfect spiderman shot. What a cutie! I was going to use the same title for my post, but I can’t find my cord to transfer all my pictures.

  6. Looking good Grossen Fam! Amy – I loved that you used the word ‘jolly’ when describing pumpkins 🙂

  7. Amy, he is the cutest little superman around! I love his costume and that he tried his hardest to say Trick-or-Treat. I wish I could see him in person!

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