Happy birthday Luke!

I love my little Lukie.  I can’t believe that he is 4!  He has grown up a lot this year.  He loves to color and really is a gifted little artist.  He loves to play with Sophie most of all.  They play house or school.  It is pretty cute.  He loves to wrestle and tackle Jack.  They are kind of naughty together, laughing at potty words and funny movies they’ve seen together.  They are good buddies but I could do without the constant need to touch each other.  He is loving school and has the rotation between houses memorized so he loves to remind me that today we are going to Olivia’s or Jack’s.  He is a smart boy too.  He recognizes all his lower case letters now, is working on counting to 20, getting really good at letter sounds (he read his first word over Thanksgiving all on his own “beef”) and loves to write any and every word that he can.  I love to see him excelling.  We are still sticking to his diet plan and he continues to grow.  We hope that his insides look healthy too.  This year he wanted a PJ Mask party.  We had a chill morning at home together.  We made his cupcakes which he thought was so fun.  After we picked up the kids from school we went to the dinosaur museum.  It was fun for the big kids to be with us.  Then we met up with Dan at Johnny Rockets which was Luke’s request.  He wanted a hot dog for dinner.  After dinner the Taylors and my mom came up to watch Luke open presents and to enjoy a cupcake.  He was overjoyed about his Spider-Man guitar.  I couldn’t even get a clear picture because he was jumping around like a wild man.  It was a good day!  Happy Birthday to my buddy!  Stats: 35 lbs (50 %), 38 inches (10%).

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