November Randoms

Luke had the cutest Friendsgiving at preschool.  I was dying over these pictures.  Especially the one of him and his friend Jack doing a belly bump because both of their “tummies were huge from eating so much food.”  Love these buddies.

We had quite a few boy meltdowns at the beginning of the month.  The joy of blogging a month behind is that I can’t remember what they were about.  But I sure love to document these to show that its not always the easiest being a mom!

We got out some of Christmas décor just to get started.  Luke was overjoyed to help me out and felt the need to put on his Christmas sweater the next day for school.

Sometimes Luke and Jack can actually be touching and not end up wrestling.  Its pretty miraculous when it happens.

We spent a lot of time snuggling with baby Cora.  Sophie is a miracle worker.  I can’t wait for her extra set of hands when our little one gets here.

There were a couple of nights that we found Luke sleeping at the bottom or the top of the stairs.  I’m not sure how we didn’t hear him or see him until right before we went to bed on this night.  But I’m glad we did.  What if he had turned over the other way and tumbled down the stairs?!  That would have been scary to hear in the middle of the night.  Sneaky little guy.

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