December Days

These days seem like a distant memory now.  But we did do a few things before the baby arrived that need to be documented!

Luke’s little preschool group is so fun!  We went down to the BYU Art Museum one day.  They have a little preschool program where they took us around to different paintings and talked about them and then we did some art projects of our own.   It was very cute.  I love BYU.  Also one day they told me that they all needed to take a nap.  I told them I thought that was a brilliant idea!  Ha!  It only lasted a few moments.

We went and picked out our Christmas tree the first Saturday in December.  We say this every year but we really believe this was our best tree yet!  And I just love the fireplace at Christmas and we were pretty excited to put up 2 stockings on the last hook depending on if we had a boy or a girl!

Dan and I had a date night every weekend leading up to the baby being born.  Kind of like our last hurrah!  One night we went downtown with our friends to dinner.  Afterwards the husbands went to the Jazz game (where Todd hooked them up with seats in a courtside suite) and us girls went shopping and desserting around City Creek.  We have made the sweetest friends here in Lehi.  We just love them.

We had the Moody boys over finally.  It made me kids the happiest.  And they just played and played for hours with no problems.  We sure miss Sam and Harvey.

Santa paid a visit to Grandma Pett’s house.  Sophie and Luke were happy to sit on his lap and make their requests.  Luke wants an orange two wheel scooter and Sophie a guitar.

We had Christmas at both Grandpa and Grandma’s.  It is always fun to be together with cousins.  At Grandpa’s we decorated gingerbread houses.  Bless the grandparents for orchestrating such things cause I don’t think it would happen otherwise!  Sophie loves her Shopkins mall she got from Grandma.

My mom arrived on the 15th and we enjoyed a weekend of fun before the baby came on Monday.   Right before we put the kids to bed on Sunday night my mom said we should take a final family photo and a belly shot of me.  I was hesitant because my pregnant self was huge!  But I’m so happy to have these photos now.  We had a great ride as a family of 5 but it was time for a bigger and better life with our new addition.

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