Annie is here

I decided early on that I wanted to be induced with this baby.  The unpredictability of a December 22 due date was just too much to handle for me.  I knew I would end up there on Christmas Eve or Christmas day itself if I waited to go on my own.  So we elected to do it on the 18th so that we could enjoy one more weekend at home.  Dan and I actually had 2 dates that weekend to see Star Wars and to his WGR Christmas Party so we went out with a bang!

The hospital called on Sunday night and said they wanted us there at 6:15 am.  So it was a bright and early wake up call.  And I actually slept the night before which I was thankful for.  I remember when they took us to our room and I got all hooked up to the monitors & pitocin that I couldn’t believe this was happening again.  It seemed kind of like an out of body experience.  I checked in at 1 cm dialated/80% effaced–the same I had been the whole last month.  Dr. Savage came in about an hour into my Pitocin and broke my water.  About an hour after that and after feeling only 5 contractions I got my epidural.  I thought it felt fine initially. I could still move my legs.  But within an hour I could feel my contractions every time.  Not super painful but not super comfortable either.  That continued until the baby was born for the most part.  They double dosed me at some point which only helped for about another hour until the pain came back.  Anyway I progressed slowly in the beginning, sometimes only 1/2 cm in 1.5 hours.  My nurse brought in a big peanut shaped pillow to put between my legs.  That is supposed to open the pelvis and help the baby move down since I carry my babies super high.  We did that 2 different times.  Finally around 3:15 pm I was dialated to 7 cm.  Within minutes I felt real pain/pressure and called the nurse back in.  She checked again and I was 10 cm.  The baby was still sitting high up so that gave Dr. Savage time to drive up from Provo.  But those minutes were excruciating to me.  Just very uncomfortable.  I decided with this delivery that I wanted the mirror so that I could watch.  So after one push the baby came down enough that they flipped the mirror up & I could see a lot of dark hair!  I pushed through 4 contractions or so & Dr. Savage recommended an episiotomy which I have had with all my other deliveries.  After she made the cut, the next push the baby came right out.  It was awesome to watch!  Like seriously, my body is amazing that it can grow this baby and push it out.  A miracle.  Dan was the first to see the gender and he quietly said “Ame it’s a girl (I tear up just writing this).”  And I immediately put my hands over my face and cried.  We had really wanted a girl.  It seemed amazing that it was a girl.  I held her for about 5 minutes before they took her away to start her measurements and such.  8lbs 8oz and 20 inches long born at 3:59 pm.  Within about 10 minutes I could tell they were worried about her breathing.  She just seemed to keep holding her breath & then she’d scream and let it all out.  After Dr. Savage finished putting my back together she went to Annie and suctioned out some fluid from her throat.  But that didn’t do the trick either.  Eventually the respiratory therapist came in and he said a bunch of scary things…”These sound like painful cries.  She could have a malformation in her airway.  We need to take her to the nursery & possibly the NICU, etc.”  So within a few minutes they wheeled her away.  We decided then to call the kids since we knew they were waiting to hear if it was a boy or a girl.  Their reaction made my whole day.  They literally went crazy and my mom and Kerri cried!  We told them that they probably wouldn’t be able to meet her because of her breathing problems.  But that they could still come to the hospital to see me.  After we talked to them I sent Dan to be with the baby while I waited to be moved to our new room.  He came back and reported that she was still doing her breathing problems & that they were waiting for the neonatologist to get there to evaluate her.  In the meantime they were going to move her to the NICU.  It was a sad time.  Even though I felt like she would  be fine, its hard to not be able to hold your little one or have them there with you.  The kids arrived and it was fun to see them & to show them pictures of her.  About 15 minutes after they arrived our nurse came in and said “Annie is on her way to your room now.  She seems to be doing just great.”  Hallelujah!  So it was a sweet meeting after all.  Family of 6 all together.

The hospital stay was a little different this time around.  Usually I eat every second of it up.  It feels like such a special time.  And I felt that a little bit.  But it was also different because Dan had to be parent to our other kids who had Christmas concerts and dance recitals on the very days I was in the hospital.  So he had to leave at different times to see them perform which meant some alone time for me.  Plus Annie was not that sweet of a lady at the hospital.  Dan and I both commented that we couldn’t remember our other babies crying this much at the hospital (that should have been our first clue about this little one!).  She had a hard time nursing.  She seemed like she was starving at all times but refused to nurse.  Anyway it wasn’t as peaceful as I remembered it being.  And by the end of the 2 days there, I felt ready to be going home with our new little lady.

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