Home Life

Everyone was so excited to have Annie home.  We made it home in the nick of time too.  The first snow storm of the year rolled in just hours after we got home.  The only sad thing was that the very day we got home all the kids came down with a cold and cough.  So we were immediately thrown into trying to keep her safe from all the germs.  My mom even got the cold bug too.  It was a major bummer.  Thankfully we were able to keep her healthy.  The kids fast learned that newborns are kind of boring!  Ha!  They kept saying things like “she’s always eating”, “she’s always sleeping” or “she cries a lot”.  But they still wanted to hold her and checked in on her whenever they saw her.

Those first days home are kind of a blur.  Adjusting to a newborn is no small task.  And Annie was a pretty fussy lady those first few weeks.  She wanted to eat all the time.  And as soon as she would get her burp out she would scream for more.  She just never seemed content.  So she was either sleeping or eating.  She did ok at night.  But she was a super loud sleeper, grunting like crazy.  She ended up in our bed way more than any of the other kids because it was the only place she would be quiet!  And let’s face it, I am so old and so tired! Add to all these factors that her bilirubin was running high and we had to take her to the hospital for a blood draw 3 times!  No fun at all.  We learned early on that she doesn’t like to be in the car!

First bath at home went about as well as you can imagine!  Ha!  I love that you can tell that Dan is saying “Shhhh” in that last picture.

Grandpa showed a day earlier than he told us he would be so that was a super fun surprise.  It helped to alleviate my moms concerns about him driving all alone from California because she didn’t even know that he was driving that day.  He brought a box full of their delicious oranges from the tree in the backyard.  They are seriously the best oranges ever.

Christmas Eve was low key this year.  We decorated cookies to leave out for Santa and the kids made sure that their presents were under the tree that they had wrapped for each other.  Dan smoked some ribs and my grandma came over.  We played some Christmas songs on the piano and read Luke 2.  Then we watched a Christmas movie.  Before bed, the kids set out their cookies and some carrots.  The snow started to fall just before bedtime.  I couldn’t believe that we were in for our 4th straight white Christmas.

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