Christmas Day

Christmas went off without a hitch!  I was happy that I had done almost all of the prep before Annie got here.  The kids were up around 6:30 which is pretty good for this house.  They loved all the gifts and had a fun time opening them.  We loved eating cinnamon pull aparts and bacon for breakfast.  Dan was nice enough to take the kids out and build a snowman in the new fallen snow.  We talked to our Herway cousins which is always such a fun time.  We had visits from Grandpa and Grandma Grossen. The only bummer was that Grandpa Podge woke up with a horrible migraine and had to miss out on seeing Star Wars with everyone else that day.  We couldn’t escape the sicknesses this winter break.  Annie was pretty chill on Christmas day which was the miracle that we all had been praying for!

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