Wrapping up 2017

We closed out the year in a calm fashion this year.  There was a lot of yawning, napping, puzzling, playing with friends, diaper changing and relaxing.  Dan was able to join my parents at a BYU basketball game with the kids which was as fun outing for them.  Annie and I did a lot of laying low.  She was not a very happy baby those first few weeks so I could never even imagine leaving the house with her in tow honestly.  But it did give me time to just cuddle her and take it easy which honestly I did not really do with my other babies.  I was up and at it really quickly with the others.  It was kinda nice to take it slow.

We are still amazed at how much dark hair she had when she was born.  More hair than our other 3 kids combined.   Love that I thought to document the first blow out!  And why do all my babies come out knowing how to hold up their heads.  They all have had the strongest necks despite their heads being ginormous!

My mom asked Luke to come sit on her lap and give her a hug.  He refused but Jack obliged and it was a very funny scene.  He is about 6 inches away from being taller than my mom!

Best picture of 2017!!!  I die over this one!

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