We have been on hiatus due to Jack being sick all of last week.  It was by far his worse sickness yet.  We went to the doctor and she would not confirm that is was H1N1 just saying that he had similar symptoms but so does every other influenza bug.  So whatever, he had the flu I guess but she said his body was handling it really well.  He is on the up and up now with a slight hackers/smokers cough still.  It is sad to hear him in the night coughing up a lung.  But he is almost better and his mood has improved leaps and bounds.  So needless to say we never left the house last week and therefore did not do much of anything.  But we were still able to snap some cute photos of the Jack Jack.


Do you think Jack watches me do my hair?  I died when he knew exactly what to do with the straightener.


Cleaning out the kitchen drawers is a daily game we play.  He thinks he is so funny.  But you know what I think is not so funny, the fact that Jack somehow learned how to undo the safety fasteners we have on our kitchen cupboards.  I don’t know how he figured it out and at 13 months no less.  I fear the next fastener he will learn how to undo is his carseat buckles which could open up a whole new can of worms.  He is TOO smart!


Jack loves the games Daddy plays with him.  He thought being in the laundry basket was the funnest.  He looks pretty cute too.


And finally from this morning.  He loves the read the In-n-Out burger location guide I picked up while I was in Las Vegas.  I was trying to get a good shot of In-n-Out love starting early in life, but right as I took the picture, he turned his head and yawned.  I thought it was cute.  And a side note, In-n-Out joy is almost here among us.  According to my sources the In-n-Out in Orem opens in 3 days which means the one by our house can’t be that far behind!  Wahoo!

6 Replies to “Sickness…Blah!”

  1. You know we are hitting up In-n-Out on Friday. Ryan said he doesn’t care how long he has to wait in line! How great the day will be when Jack gets a taste of that! 🙂

  2. Loved the hair straightening shot. That was my immediate thought—“He sees his mommy doing this!” Glad to hear he’s getting over his illness. Dad’s do love to do funny things with their kids or to themselves to make their kids laugh. Here’s to dads! Jack I hear that you love whip cream. Yummy!

  3. Oh poor little Jack. I think it is so hard to watch babies that are sick, cause you don’t know what they want or how they feel. I bet you did a great job. It was fun seeing you last night. Can’t get enough of you all. Can’t wait to watch Muppet’s Christmas Carol!

  4. Is it just me or is Jack looking more and more like Dan? Wow! Taking care of a sick toddler is one of the hardest things. I hear the swine flu is pretty bad out there in Utah

  5. No way, he can open the safety locks! That is tricky. Good luck with that Amy. I love reading your blog. Can we see each other sometime! This is a ways out, but I’m going to be in Utah in January. I think we should all have lunch, yes? I’ll be there at Christmas too, but I’m assuming everyone else will be gone. Plus, it’s so busy.

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