2 week visit

On January 2 we took Annie in for her 2 week appointment.  I was all set to tell the doctor all about how fussy she was, that she always wanted to eat & never seemed satisfied, that she cried any time she wasn’t sleeping or eating, and how she grunted all night long.  I was convinced from all of my internet research (ha!) that she must have silent reflux since she almost never spits up.  Or that she had a broken collar bone or something!  But I ended up not having to mention any of that because once the nurse weighed her I knew that she probably had all of these problems because she really was starving.  She was down to 7 lbs 15 oz., 9 oz from her birth weight and one ounce under what she left the hospital weighing.  For some reason she was not getting enough to eat even though I always heard her gulping it down, felt my milk come in every time, and felt like it was going just like all the rest of my babies.  Mystery!  So that landed us in the lactation clinic where the nurse there really couldn’t figure it out.  Her final conclusion after being with us for about 2 hours was that she just must be a lazy sucker.  She gave me a bunch of things to try to get my supply going and to encourage Annie to eat.  It was really weird and kind of hard to realize that I was going to have trouble with breastfeeding on my 4th and final kid!  I mean really???  Thankfully with a little supplementing we were able to get her back to gaining weight.  She was up to 9 lbs. by her 1 month birthday.  And with a little bit more food in her tummy she started to have more pleasant moments throughout the day which we were all grateful for!  2 week stats 7lbs 15 oz. (45%), 21.5 in (96%), 14.75 in. head (96%).

I die about this picture of Cora and Annie.  This is exactly how Annie was in the beginning.  The minute you put her down she would scream.  And Cora’s face is so funny like she can’t even believe the noise coming out of this creature!

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