January Days

Thankfully we had a very mild January so the older kids were able to spend time outside and play with friends.  That allowed for some calm days for Annie and me.  And it helped the older kids not get the typical January cabin fever.   It also allowed me to get out of the house some days to run errands and try to return to normal life.

Annie hit a bunch of milestones.  We couldn’t take her grunting anymore so she moved to her own bed in mid January.  It helped us all sleep a lot better.  Her belly button finally fell off when she was 3 weeks old so she finally got to take a real bath.  That started 2 months of complete torture.  She screamed and screamed through every single bath, post bath and getting dressed afterwards for months.  It was pretty abysmal.  Baby acne came through in the month of January.  That is always a sad time because her face just looked sad.  I had to document that I did produce a lot of milk but that she was just too stubborn to drink it from me.  Jack attempted to take a selfie with Annie!  I love it because it documents Annie to perfection.  A lot of tears.  We survived one month and we love her to pieces.

Cora was blessed so my parents returned for the weekend.  It also happened to fall on my mom’s 60th birthday so we were able to celebrate with her which was fun.  We love Grannie Jannie.

We went as a family to see the Greatest Showman.  We loved it so much and Annie was a nice lady through the whole show!

Luke loves his buddies.  He drew a picture of him and his friend Olivia.  He is giving her flowers!  I love the attention to detail he puts into his pictures…her brown eyes and curly hair, his green eyes, the scalloped hem on her dress.  He kills me.  And one shot of him and his best buddies playing PJ Masks.

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