February randoms

Smiles for days!  And doesn’t she look like a different person in each of these pictures?  Funny girl.

She isn’t all smiles though.  I had to document that sometimes (ok a lot of times) she screams a lot!

This boy is such a fun guy.  He has the best time at school with his buddies.  I conquered my first time teaching preschool with Annie around.  The first day was a little touch and go because she would not let me put her down without screaming.  But somehow we made it through.  But the second day she was an angel and the kids were obsessed with her.  Luke loves his sister and is always willing to sit by her and try to make her happy.  One day he brought her a bunch of his toys.   He’s the sweetest.

Sophie is often saying “Oh I want to go play (or read, or color, or watch a show) but I just can’t take my eyes off Annie.  She is so cute.”  Such a good big sister.  She loves to read her stories and play patty cake with her.

Jack loves her.  He calls her ba-bas.  He tries to take care of her in the car when she is losing her marbles.  One car ride he bounced her seat the whole time to keep her quiet and then said “Man this girl is exhausting.”  Wonder where he heard that from?

Giving her encouragement during tummy time!

Super Bowl snuggles with Daddy.

We started sleep training more aggressively this month.  She cried a lot in her bed.  But she has gotten much better at putting herself to sleep.  I love sleeping baby faces!

I had my first girls night out to celebrate with my bestie Kari on her birthday.  Dan texted me this picture of Annie’s worst blowout and it came on his watch!  I gave her a high five when I got home.  Dan had to bathe her and everything so it was quite the ordeal.  Bless his heart for tackling that one.

Cousin besties–Cora and Annie.

She found her hands and her voice this month.  The cooing is too adorable for words!



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  1. I just love her and I haven’t even met her! Thanks for keeping this blog so I can see all these adorable pictures.

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