Look at me Grandma


Here are some photos of Jack in his Church outfit from Grandma Janniecakes.  He is really funny with his hands and tongue.  I am hoping it is a phase.  He is super handsome though with semi-crazy hair that I haven’t learned how to tame yet.  And I realized the other day that there are total of maybe like 10 pictures on record of me with my child, so I had Dan snap a few of us.  I need to be better or how will he ever know that I am his mom!


Here are some better cereal shots.  What a mess!  He seems to like it.  We are still trying to get the hang of it though.  And for all those who know of our sleeping woes…no, it has not been the cure we were looking for.  He did, however, go from 12:45-6:15 Saturday night, which is by far his longest stretch in the middle of the night which meant mom’s longest stretch of sleep in 19 weeks, or 133 days (whichever sounds worse!)  I felt like a million bucks!


Dan’s Grandma Pett makes the cutest bath towels!  Here is Jack in his duck towel.  He loves bathtime so much.  What a change from the early days.  Although the photo doesn’t do it justice cause he looks somewhat pleasant, he used to scream and scream.

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  1. What a handsome little man! I can’t wait to hold him again next month. 133 days is a lot to you but it seems like he was born yesterday. I can’t believe how big he’s getting, eating cereal and everything.

  2. Thanks for the pictures of the handsome little man in his grown=up church outfit. I love the cereal pictures. It brings back a lot of memories. For some reason us humans have to learn everything the hard way==practice, practice, practice. We’re pretty certain we’ll be up there during Spring Break. I mean–how can we stay away from this cute boy any longer than that! Hang in there little mama! Grandma Janniecakes

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