2 months old

We survived 2 months with our Annie girl.  She has not been the easiest baby.  But we have seen improvements since adding formula to her diet.  She hates having a bath and cries almost any time that she gets dressed.  A couple of weeks before her 2 month birthday I started letting her cry herself to sleep for naps.  It only took 2 or 3 days and she figured it out and we are so happy.  I have noticed that she is really sensitive to missing sleep.  If she gets even a little bit overtired she becomes inconsolable and is so hard to get to bed.  So we have been spending a lot of time at home, paying attention to the clock to make sure she is not awake too long between naps.  It has helped her be happier.   She still hates the car seat which is challenging because we are in the car a lot.  Thankfully the older kids have adjusted to it and don’t get too worried about her anymore as she screams!  Ha!  She has started to have some long stretches of sleep at night, going 6-7 hours which is a delight.  We sure love her despite the screams.  She is the first person that the kids want to see when they wake up in the morning or get home from school.  It is pretty sweet.  We love her.  2 month stats: 10.8 lbs (50%), 22 inches (50%), 16 in head (98%).  Also she was so good for her shots.  She definitely cried but was easily soothed.  She cried way less for them than she does for bath time.  Go figure!

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