March Days

March is usually a slow, long month.  But this year we had Jack and Sophie in indoor soccer, dance, school, preschool, March Madness, baby time, etc. and it just flew by.  Here are the pictures from March.

Most of my pictures are of Annie girl.  No surprise there.  She has the cutest little face.  And I love those smiles.  She started giving us a few laughs this month.  But they are really hard to get out of her.  We have to tickle her legs or her neck for them to come out and it often turns to tears.  She is a funny girl.  We put her in the bumbo for the first time.  Sophie thought it was the perfect time to read her stories.  So cute!

Luke is having a hard time adjusting to our mornings at home by ourselves so that Annie can take her morning nap.  He asks every morning what we are going to do.  And I am slowly running out of ideas.  So we color, play games, do the snap circuits, make creations with the perler beads, take silly face selfies or do puzzles.  And then we still have 4 hours before the kids get home from school!  Ha!  Good thing he has 2 days of preschool to occupy some of his time.  He loves it so much.

Jack has the best Bear scout leaders.  And his group is not easy!  But they really give him great experiences and have helped him learn a lot of new things.

Indoor soccer was a lot of fun this season.  Sophie took a shot to the face in the first game so she was a little timid the whole season because of that.  But she tried hard to be aggressive and keep up with the crazy boys.  Jack is talented at soccer but sometimes he likes to be lazy.  We try to urge him to be aggressive but sometimes he lacks that competitive drive!  He is still fun to watch though and we loved cheering him on.

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  1. Annie is getting so big!!! Sitting in a bumbo. Tell her to stop for a couple months. Luke’s coloring is so impressive, as always. And hats off to all cub scout leaders. The ages of those boys, and put all together really is so tough.

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