4 months old

Annie is already 4 months old.  I can hardly believe how fast the months have gone.  In the last couple months I feel like this lady has changed so much.  She is smiling a lot more and making the cutest sounds.  It is really hard to make her laugh but we have heard her sweet giggle a couple of times.  During the last couple of months Annie has become such a good little night time sleeper.  Most nights she is up once around 4 or 5.  And some nights she has even gone the whole night.  What a gift!  She also has been going to bed much earlier at night which is awesome.  It makes us feel like we have a little bit of our life back!  Ha!  She is also pretty scheduled with her naps going down at 9, 1 and 5.  We are all so grateful for more sleep.  She is almost exclusively bottle fed now.  I nurse her at almost every feeding (which is about 6 times per day) but she usually takes 4-5 ounces of a bottle afterwards.  So she is not getting much from me.  We also started rice cereal on her 4 month birthday.  She got a little frustrated.  But she did pretty good.  I’m convinced that she has never liked bottle or breast feedings so she is going to really take to  eating regular food.  She is getting better at focusing on things and when her little hands touch something she is good about picking it up.  Every once in a while she will pivot around a little bit while lying on her back so mobility is coming a long.  We love this little girlie!   4 month stats:  13.3 lbs (25%), 25.5 inches (85%), 17 inch head (97%).

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