April Days

April is such a wonderful month!  Things start to warm up and everything starts to turn green.  I love it so much.

Annie girl continued to grow.  She found her hands and started grabbing on to things.  She got to start eating rice cereal which she didn’t love at first but fast become a pro.  She loves to be with Luke.  She always keeps her eyes on him and all of us.  She had her first ride in the stroller.  She loves to be outside just like the rest of the kiddos.  She is a delight and those squishy cheeks are so very kissable!

Luke started a neighborhood league of soccer.  He was so excited to wear Jack’s old cleats and shin guards even though they are about 2 sizes too big!  He went on some fun adventures at school.  He spent some time at Wheeler Farm and also went on a field trip to the fire station.  He was insistent on wearing his Fire Chief costume.  It was pretty cute.  He is obsessed with his sister and knows just how to make her laugh.  He’s the best big brother.

Sophie has yet to lose any teeth.  But her 2 bottom permanent teeth are almost all the way in.  Poor lady.  She wants so badly to lose a tooth.

Dan took the kiddos skiing during Spring Break with his dad.  They are all doing great!  I can’t wait to join them next year.

Jack Man had a couple of sick days during Spring Break that wiped him out.  Poor buddy.  All of the kids had a cough and cold and it kept us from doing some of the stuff that we had planned.

Jack’s Scout group also got to go to the fire station.  His leaders are always good about sending us pictures.

After 2 other failed attempts, I was finally able to take the kids to the Jordan River Temple Open House.  It was totally worth the effort.  The kids were so good and reverent.  Jack said “I felt the Spirit so strong in there mom.  I can’t wait to go to the temple someday.”

Tulip Festival started.  We only made it once this year.  Between the weather and Annie’s need for naps, it was hard to find the time.  But it is beautiful and I am glad we got there at least one time.

Love these kiddos so much!


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  1. I’m so glad he insisted on the fire chief suit. That is THE BEST! And temple open houses really are so special. I’m glad that you were able to go.

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