Deer and Snow

As most of our readers know, we hit a deer on Friday night.  It was scary and, let’s be honest, I bawled my eyes out for about 5 minutes afterwards thinking of the cost of the repairs.  But everyone is fine.  Jack didn’t even react even though Dan and I were screaming.  Let’s face it, deers are really stupid.  I mean honestly.  Anyway, there was no time to react, I didn’t even see it until it was into the side of the car, and then again when it came falling back down onto the windshield after being thrown in the air.  Perhaps the worst part is that we were a mile from our house at most and now every day since the accident we have see our idiot of a victim lying dead on the side of the road aloof to the headache he has caused for us.  Oh well…its just time and money.  That’s what I have to keep telling myself.


These are the best photos of the damage.  I especially love the patch of deer hair stuck in the headlight.  Disgusting.

Well on to happier things, I suppose.  It is snowing.  And we discovered that Jack loves the snow.  Thanks to my Aunt, we inherited this super warm snowsuit.  But it is size 24 months and so, a little big for our Jack, Jack.  But its the best we got so I figured I could make it work.  And it did just fine.  But I was dying.  If I thought his new green coat made him look like a marshmallow, you should check this out!


HAHAHAHAHA!  So funny and so cute.

And just one more picture for good measure.


Jack in his new favorite chair.  He loves it cause he can climb into it on his own without help using the footrest.  And from there he can climb onto the couch.  It is a real win-win situation for him.

9 Replies to “Deer and Snow”

  1. Oh my dear, dear Lucy! What a horrifying experience! At least she got the best of that horrid creature! The pictures of Jack in that snow suit just made my day! He must be his daddy’s boy if he loves the snow. So fun! And don’t ever be able to climb into the Ikea chair by yourself…getting too big!

  2. So sad! And all this right after the subaru goes through some major repairs. I HATE cars. But I LOVE Jack. He looks like penguin. So fun! I can’t wait to see what Tommy does with snow.

  3. I think I just died when I saw those pictures of Quizz. Looks like a little Oompa Loompa or something. Sorry about the car man… it… it sucks.

  4. Such a bummer. I fear hitting a deer. They are so stupid don’t they learn when they see their family hit by cars? I was sad to hear that happened to you guys. Jack is adorable. We should all play in the snow on Christmas Day. If there is any. Well love you all see you soon!

  5. Dad and I are dying with laughter right now. I think Jack looks like a penguin in that snowsuit and dad says he looks like he is in one of those carnival mirrors. Hilarious but like you said it works. Fun times this winter playing in the snow. It looks like Jack has gray dreadlocks. Sorry to see poor Lucy all banged up but forever grateful none of you were injured.

  6. Amy, so sad about your car. I was going to say “so sad about the deer,” but then I realized that would make it sound like I was worried about the creature and I’m not. Car repairs stink. P.S. I can’t believe you got a fur souvenir. That is so sick.

  7. Brian hit a deer! Right on Highland Drive. One month after purchasing the truck of his dreams. With his brand new truck of his dreams! I am so sorry for you. Deer really aren’t the brightest animals. They seriously seem to jump our right in front of you. Running right into your car! Glad you are all okay!

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