May days

Finally getting back to the blog after a busy summer.  I have to goal to get caught up by the end of the month.  It will be a lot.  But I’m determined.

May was filled with soccer games, dance pictures, dress rehearsal and recital, piano, Cub Scouts, cuteness overload from the Annie girl, Sophie’s first lost tooth!, the end of school with all of its activities, and lots of times with our friends.  Every year I think May is crazy.  But when I look at the pictures it sure is a fun time of year.  On the last day of school I always take a picture of the kids with their teacher.  And every time I get a little misty.  It like closing the door on a chapter of their lives and it makes me a little sad and also grateful to these teachers who have loved and helped my kids during the year.

Each of the kids had a round of soccer throughout April and May.  Jack’s team struggled quite a bit and that made for a long season.  But he pushed through.  Sophie had a rock star team.  They were super fun to watch.  Sophie is such a good soccer player.  Luke played his first season of soccer.  It was just a neighborhood league that someone organized.  He loved it and is actually very smart about the rules and things.  But his poor little legs just can’t carry him as fast as the other kids no matter how hard he tried!  It was the cutest.

Cub Scout adventures.  Bless Jack’s Bear Scout leaders!

This one is growing like a weed.  She was trying so hard to roll over.  She started eating veggies this month and loved them all.  She had her first little stomach bug and woke up 2 nights in a row throwing up.  It was scary!  And it took me back to Lukie so I started to get a little nervous about allergies and EoE.  Thankfully it didn’t turn into anything more.  She started loving the stroller and even took a few naps in there while we went to the park in the afternoon.  It gave me hope that we could survive our East Coast trip this summer.  She is the light of our lives and I cannot get enough of her squishy cheeks.

We had to do a practice round on the dance makeup because I am not really good at anything artistic so I needed to warm up to it.

Dance picture day.

She did it!!  She lost her first tooth.  At 7.8 months of age!  She was the last one in her class and she was dying for it to happen.  Her dreams came true and she lost it at school so she could get the tooth treasure chest.

Harry Potter sisters.

Dance Recital Day!  Sophie girl is so talented.  She knew the whole thing spot on.  She totally rocked it and was awesome.  We thought it was fun to be able to watch our little friend Olivia do her dance too.  So cute!

Random Luke pictures.  He loves that Livi girl.  We told Porter and Luke to act like the babies in the car seat and they both started screaming!  Not too far off.   Ha!

Second cousins at Kirsten and Riley’s reception.  So sweet.

Our first attempt to swim at Kerri’s pool!  A thunderstorm rolled through which landed us in the clubhouse for a little while.  Annie was not a fan!  It cleared up and we were able to have a fun first swim of the season!

Luke’s last day of school.  I sure loved teaching this little group this last year.   They were so fun and sweet.  And they all grew up so much!  Luke will miss seeing them so much!

Last day of school!  We made it!  Thank you Ms. Turner and Mrs. Webb!



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