I think toddler-aged kids with Santa Claus is hilarious.  I remember when I worked at the daycare watching the toddlers completely spazz out when Santa came to visit.  They acted completely abnormal.  Like nothing I have ever seen really.  And sadly, I did laugh.  This week I have seen several blog postings of my dear friends with their toddlers visiting Santa and they were screaming hysterically.  And I was laughing hysterically looking at the pictures.  So yesterday I thought it would be a good time to take Jack to see Santa to see what his reaction would be.  And I was not surprised at all by the following photos…


He was perfectly fine.  I doubted for a second when the twin girls in front of us in line completely lost self control, but he didn’t mind a bit just like I knew he wouldn’t.  I don’t know if I should feel worried or ok about that, but I am going to take it as a sign that he is well adjusted.

Here are just a few more random shots from the week.


This kid has serious love affair with books.  The first picture was taken because he stopped mid-stair to read his book, and we thought it was pretty funny.


This kid also loves his blankie.  I am usually a Nazi mom about letting him take it out of his room, but this day we dragged him early in the morning to go get some donuts for breakfast so Daddy let him take it in the car with him.  We captured these priceless photos with a cell phone.


These photos are just because I think he looks super cute in this sweater especially with the hood on.

6 Replies to “Santa”

  1. Those are some great photos. You got some good ones of him on Santa’s lap. And I love that one of him reading his book on the stairs. He looks so old though in that picture. I love him. Christmas will be so much fun with all the little kiddies opening their presents! See you soon!

  2. I laugh too at santa freak outs, even if its my own child. I just laugh. Jack is so cute, and getting so big! I love the last picture with his hood on, Sam and I think he really looks like Dan.

  3. I was wondering how Jack would react to Santa this whole week everytime I saw the jolly ol’ fella at the various places I’ve been shopping. Not surprised that he was so chill. Did he call him grandpa? Can’t wait to kiss his face! Not Santa…Jack…of course. P.S. I think that may be the real Santa Claus.

  4. Look at that toothy grin on the stairs. That’s the first I have really seen those top teeth. And the short haircut. He looks very grown up. That is so great that Jack liked Santa Claus. I was wondering the same thing as Kerri–Did he call him grandpa? I tell you that kid is going to be one smart cookie they way he loves books so much. We are very excited to see you guys tomorrow.

  5. Thanks for coming and visiting me at Hallmark. When Christmas is over I’m going to enlist Jack’s help in redecorating the store.

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