6 months old

How did we make it to half a year with this girl??  I still look at her and think “Do I really have another baby?  Did I actually grow her and push her out & now she’s here?”  It’s all kind of a blur.  But she is the light of our house.  The kids rush to her as soon as they hear she is awake.  They surround her on all sides, talking to her, trying to get her attention or make her smile.  I think she must feel slightly overwhelmed all the time!  Over the last couple months she has become and expert eater of solid foods.  She loves all fruits and vegetables.  She started grabbing on to things like crazy.  She found her feet which is so adorable.  She is a pretty serious baby.  It is hard to get her to smile or laugh.  Luke is, of course, the best at it which is pretty sweet.  She became a rockstar sleeper.  Sleeping 12 hours at night by 4.5 months old…my earliest night time sleeper by 4 months!  She broke free from the swaddle at about 5.5 months and immediately started rolling onto her tummy to sleep.  I love making it to new milestones!  She completely gave up breastfeeding right at her 6 month mark.  I guess we’ll never know why it didn’t completely work with her but in the end, its kinda nice to not be so tied down!   She has a loud squeal when she’s playing on the floor which makes us all laugh.  She loves blowing raspberries too.  We love our Annie girl!  6 month stats: 15.10 lbs (40%), 27 inches (90%), 17.5 in head (95%).  Per Grossen baby tradition, she had her first graham cracker on her 6 month birthday!

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