June Wrap Up

Here are just a few more pictures from June that I wanted to document

Sophie lost her second tooth a few weeks after her first.  She is looking more and more grown up!

The kids got in trouble one day.  I can’t even remember what it was about.  Probably cleaning the basement because that always causes strife around here!  But anyway…we had a group chat & solved the crisis.  I just had to document all their faces.

Luke and Sophie did a round of swim lessons.  Luke improved so much and will know jump in the water independently with his floatie on.  He moves freely around the pool with the puddle jumper on.  Sophie is becoming an expert swimmer in the deep end!  Annie got in the pool for the first time and loved it!

Luke worked hard on his Kindergarten workbook.  He will do it all by himself for hours.

We celebrated Dan’s birthday with sushi at Tsunami.  When we came out all of the kids wanted their picture on the pig at the BBQ restaurant next door!


Our new couch and chair finally came after waiting 7 weeks.  And guess what??  They built our couch in the wrong direction!  So we got to wait another 8 weeks for the right one to be delivered.  At least they let us keep the wrong one while they fixed the problem.  I do love the colors!

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