My absence has really been felt lately and for that, I am sincerely sorry!  The truth is we were up at Dans’ parents house for a good portion of the weeks surrounding Christmas and I forgot my camera there.  But now that I have it back I can post a few photos from Christmas and give a much needed update!

My parents were able to be here for Christmas this year which was awesome.  I sometimes get sad when I think about how little they get to see the boy so I am super happy when they get to come up or I get to go down.  We had a celebration with my parents on the 20th since technically it was Dan’s year for Christmas.  It was fun and Jack loved the wrapping paper.  I believe we took video that night, but not pictures, so you can visit my sister’s blog to check out photos. ( )

The rest of the holidays we spent with Dan’s family.  It was very fun to be all together.  We were able to see a few movies, do 4 puzzles (my favorite!), and ski a few days.  But most of all, we just got to hang out which is my favorite thing.  Christmas was fun.  I realized browsing through the photos that they are all of Jack.  Were me and Dan even there?  I guess he is the most important!


Jack on Christmas Eve with the big pile of presents behind him.


Jack loved the presents for about one minute.  Then he just played.  And once he was bored with that, he ate cereal the rest of the time.  I think I opened about 90% of his gifts.  But, of course, he loves everything.  And we think he is pretty cute reading in his Elmo chair.  He has really taken to the whole basketball thing which is fun.  He cheers every time he dunks the ball.  And since he fell in love with Tommy’s magnadoodle on Christmas, we bought him one of his own with some money from a few Christmas returns.  It was a good holiday despite Dan having to work WAY more than he thought he would.

Soon after Christmas, Jack got really sick and it was sad.  We took him to the ER one night at like 2 am with a temperature of 104.5.  Scary.  He was super sad the whole time.  They had to give him a chest x-ray which made me cry.  So sad.  Turns out he had bronchitis and and ear infection in both ears.  He took about 5 days to be his normal self.  He was super cuddly and really only wanted me which is REALLY rare!  But I loved to hug my boy lots and appreciate so much those who watched him for me for a few hours here and there so I could have a break :o).  Another plus…he slept SO much.  More than he has in his entire life.  We’re talking close to 13 hours at night and two 2 hour naps each day.  I was loving that.  But don’t worry, he is back to his old ways, and I am thinking that transitioning to one nap is just around the corner!

Here are a few more pictures from the holidays.


This is us trying to capture Jack when we say “time for prayer.”  In the first photo, Dan is ready, Jack is not.  In the second you can see his cute closed eyes.  It last 2 seconds, but is cute nonetheless.  And, of course, giving Daddy kisses.


Look at my cute niece and nephew.  They are such good kids and we miss them every second that they are away.


A few shots from today since Jack looked really stylin’ in his new shirt from Aunt Kerri.  And a spaghetti shot since today was the first day that I just let him go at his spaghetti.  Not too messy!

7 Replies to “Holidays”

  1. Pretty dang cute in the new polo! The second picture from the bottom is the funniest face I’ve ever seen.

  2. The first day we were back Tommy woke up at 8:30 and took a 3 hour nap. You would think that they would like it enough to keep doing it as well. Anyway, it was great to hang out with you guys! We miss you too!!!

  3. I’ve been checking on you guys and wondering when we would see some Christmas photos. We’re so glad Jack is feeling as good as new again. That picture Kerri commented on is hilarious. It’s kind of devilish looking. Sorry, Jack! You’ll never be a mean-spirited boy. Thanks for updating us. I loved seeing you all on the web cam. That was a great gift idea.

  4. I love those pictures of Jack saying his prayer. I will have to give you all the ones that I took too. Those last two pictures are great. Well love you all and see you soon!

  5. Jack is getting so big! He’s such a cutie! I’m sorry he was so sick but I’m glad he’s better. Happy Holidays! Oh, and as I review Christmas photos I think the same… were Kelley and I even there? It was all about Seoul – loved it!

  6. I love your pictures Amy. Jack is soo cute. I’m excited to see you both on Monday. I hope Dan gets better asap!

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