First Day of School

Back to school!  Hooray!  We had such a fun summer that this day really came too fast.  Jack and Sophie were both kind of bummed.  But they came around after the first day when they saw their friends again.  Sophie is in second grade with Mrs. Schwanke and Jack is in fourth grade with Mrs. Andes.

Luke started school the first week of September.  He is going to preschool 3 days/week with Miss Barb.  He is in class with 2 of his friends from our neighborhood.  The first day he clinged to my leg and started to cry.  But since then he has been perfect and is loving it!  I cannot believe that he is one year from Kindergarten!

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  1. Lily feels she missed out on the preschool experience. I hope they all have the best year. It’s always so nerve wracking getting a new teacher and hoping you have friends in your class, but then it always turns out well (well most the time)

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