Jack is 10!

How did our boy reach double digits?!  I can hardly believe it.  He is growing up into such a great kid.  He has matured a lot in this last year.  For the most part he is good to his siblings, loves to play with Baabaas (Annie), loves all things video games, riding his bike and playing with his friends.  But he still loves to play Beanie Boos with Sophie and watch My Little Pony.  Jack is loving 4th grade and is excelling.  He loves to get wrapped up in a good book.  He is starting to love all of the Avengers movies which makes Dan so happy.  He has started doing his own laundry which is quite delightful.  He is a good boy and I’m so proud of him.  For his birthday this year we took some of his friends to Boondocks which they loved.  And the next day on his real birthday we went to sushi for dinner and had apple pie for dessert.  It was perfect for him.  10 year old stats: 76 lbs (80%), 58 inches (95%).

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