The hospital is where we’ve been since our last post.  Dan is having a downer time with Crohn’s disease.  I suppose to spare all the gory details we will just say that we are still waiting to see if he will need yet another surgery.  We have been doing ok.  We have been through all the emotions that an impending major surgery would bring to anyone.  But I think we have reached peace and hope for the future no matter what happens.  Although we are definitely praying for the medicine to do the trick so that surgery can been halted for now and forever maybe.  We appreciate everyone’s prayers and faith in our behalf.  And are especially grateful for our wonderful families for all of their help.  Here are a few photos from Dan’s brief weekend stint in the hospital for a continuous IV of steroids and antibiotics.


And now look what our little medicine cupboard looks like.  I guess we are officially getting old.


One night I found Jack in my favorite sleeping position ever so I had to sneak a photo.  Too bad a covered him with a blanket before I took it or you would also be able to see his shirt half way up and his big belly sticking out.  Like Gus Gus on Cinderella.


9 Replies to “Hospital”

  1. I can’t believe Jack really sleeps like that! So cute!! And thanks for keeping us updated on the surgery. I sure hope all those medicines aren’t for Dan. That’s just crazy. Hopefully this will all pass quickly. You’re definitely in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Oh Amy, I am so sorry to hear all of that. We will keep you in our prayers and thoughts. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  3. I haven’t checked the blog lately I guess. I feel like I must have checked it on the 24th. Is Jack trying to use a fork and spoon now. He’s growing up! I see why the doctor wanted to send Dan home. He does look completely healthy. But as we know, “looks can be deceiving.” Our prayers will be answered. Hang in there Dan the Man. Love you guys!

  4. I hope Dan is feeling better! Amy – you look great in the pics! I have a couple pictures of Seoul sleeping that way also – too funny.

  5. Oh I am in love with that photo of Jack. SO cute. I hope Dan is doing better Amy. That really is no fun. Thanks again for lunch a couple weeks ago, it was delightful to see you.

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