The first week of October Annie had a high fever every day.  I could control it if I kept the ibuprofen and Tylenol in her body around the clock.  But its exhausting when she battles me every time.  So there was some times that her fever would spike close to 104.  I was so confused because she had no other symptoms besides the fever.  No runny nose, cough, diarrhea.  Nothing.  She was eating ok and drinking her bottle good.  Finally after 5 days I took her to the urgent care one morning.  The doctor there couldn’t see anything wrong and sent us home saying that it was just a virus.  But later that night her fever went close to 104 and we decided to take her to ER.  They tested her for a UTI which is so sad.  That test came back negative.  The doctor then said they were going to do chest xrays to look for pneumonia.  I thought it was a big waste of money.  But it turns out that there was pneumonia there.  I’m not sure what made the doctor even think of it since she hadn’t had a cold at all.  But I’m grateful she did.  Within about 2 days of being on the antibiotic she was back to her normal self which we were all so grateful for.  We had missed her sweet sassiness.

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  1. Dan told me about this when he came to NY. I couldn’t believe it! No symptoms, that is just crazy. So glad the doctor thought of the x-ray.

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