California Here We Come

Over the Fall Break I was able to find a cheap deal on flights so that I could finally take the kids down to California to see their cousins who moved away over a year ago.  I was so excited to surprise them with the trip.  After they got up they had breakfast and got dressed like it was a normal school day.  Then when they started to make their lunches I told them that they didn’t need to make a lunch because we were heading to the airport to fly to California.  They were so excited.  And we had a really great week visiting our family.  We went to my parents house first for a couple of days.  The kids enjoyed a morning at the park and playing with Grandma’s toys.  And we of course took a trip to Sequoia for delicious cookies!  After a few days we left for Redlands to surprise our cousins.  I called Kara when we got to their house so that she could make sure all the boys were at the door to answer it when we knocked.  The boys faces were priceless.  They were so shocked.  Isaac even fell to the ground.  Ha!  And then the madness ensued!  The kids actually got along really great and just played the days away.  We spent a lot of time outside soaking up the glorious sunshine.  We went to the beach all day on Saturday which the kids think is pure heaven.  I had the best time meeting and snuggling baby Owen.  It was a great visit.  We love this family and all the fun we have together.  In hindsight, however, I think it would have been easier to drive than fly.  Annie is at the crazy stage of constant movement and not wanting to nap anywhere but in her bed.  So the flights were long!  But we survived and are so happy that we were able to finally make the trip!


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