October wrap up

Jack and I have been participating in the book club his teacher has put together this year.  At this club meeting we played a game of baseball and discussed the book Honus and Me.

Devastated that he had 2 math papers for homework instead of one!  Ha!

She’s completely on the move.  Tackling Luke and trying to push the Xbox button.  She loves opening the drawers in the TV stand and eating ever single crumb she can find.  She is almost completely on to normal table food.  And is by far my worst eater but is somehow growing!

While we were in California, we hired someone to paint all of our ceilings white and redo the banister.  We love it!

One day after we got back from CA Jack started complaining about sores in his mouth.  After about 2 days I took him in and he had Hand, Foot, Mouth disease.  Yuck.  Thankfully it stayed contained just with him.  But he did have to miss our trip to the Red Barn, Grandma’s Halloween party and a few days of school which led to more homework than he wanted!

Pretty sunset on our family walk home from Swig one night.

“This is awesome.”  Luke is getting good at sounding out words and attempting to spell.  It makes me so happy.

We had some super warm days at the end of the month which meant more time spent outside on the blanket while the big kids ride their bikes and scooters.


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