Happy Birthday Luke

Having a birthday the day after Halloween is kinda tricky!  I feel so spent after all the Halloween festivities that its hard to put a party together of any kind!  Good thing its my Luke that has the birthday because he is the most patient and sweet boy.  He really wanted to take a few of his friends to Classic Fun Center.  But I just couldn’t muster up the courage to do it.  Some of his buddies are a little more adventurous than him and I was sure I would lose one of them.  So we compromised and had a little birthday party at home with his friends in the morning and then went to Classic Fun Center that night as a family.  It was a great day for our 5 year old boy!  Luke continues to be a bright light in our house.  He is so sweet and happy.  He loves video games and playing Super Mario Bros.  He is a great drawer, is picking up on reading, an expert puzzler and a lover of the board game Sorry.  Actually he loves all board games.  He is loving preschool 3 days/week.  He loves to play anything with Sophie and is often begging her to play.  He loves to wrestle Jack and terrorize him.  And he adores little Ann O Anns (as he calls her).  I can’t say enough about what a joy he is.  He handles his life with ease which is not that easy!  I tell him all the time that he will always be my baby boy.  I’ve recently felt really sad about him growing up knowing that his adorable face will not always look this way.  And that his sweet voice will one day change.  It makes me cry.  I just love this little buddy so much!  5 year old stats: 38.8 lbs (45%), 40.5 inches tall (10%).



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